Egypt, Libya, …. what will be next?

We are all watching the news and see what is happening in  countries  like Egypt , Libya, Morocco  or Iran.

It is amazing, I wander and ask my self : What is God doing?   What will be the change in the next few years? Will the church be ready to meet the challenges?

One thing is sure. There is change in the Arab nations. We need to pray and ask God, that in His Providence to watch over this nations and led them to freedom. There are many radical Muslims political groups that want to have  power and transform all this in an Islamic Revolution , rather than a change for freedom. I know the Islamic context is very complex and religion and politics are bound together.

Why I write this?  Is a call to prayer for this part of the world.

Let’s pray that this nations to  be open and the people to be able to hear the Gospel.

Let’s pray that the church ( from Romania) will be able to understand and able to accept the challenge of mission to this part of the world.

We will hold few  special prayer meetings next week. If you want to join, let us know.

God bless …..the Arabs !

M. Paduret

Ai carte , ai parte!

Ca multi altii pana azi am crezut ca acest proverb e un indem explicit si persuasiv, motivator pentru a invata, a fi serios la scoala,.etc.

Azi insa , am inteles de ce noi ca popor am fost mai dezinteresati de carte, comparativ cu alte popoare ale Europei , in ciuda prezentei unui astfel de proverb, popular si motivator.

Cand s-a impartit pamantul la tarani, certificatele de proprietate se numeau „carte” deci aveai carte, aveai parte, ( o bucata de pamant, o bucata de parcea,…)

Ai carte, ai parte ; Il inteleg acum pe Ion , personajul lui Rebreanu , el nu a avut „carte” , dar  a facut rost totusi de pamant. Romanul se descurca , mereu. Viata bate filmul, mai ales la noi.

Rezumat de la intalnirea cu tinerii. 1 Tim. cap 1

Am desprins urmatoarele gandurii:

– Dumnezeu ne e Tata , atunci cand Isus Hristos este Domnul nostru

– Au existat intodeauna oameni care au parasit invatatura apostolilor.

– Dragostea adevarata  vine dintr-o inima curata un cuget bun si o credinta neprefacuta

– La fel ca apostolul Pavel, si noi ar trebui sa stim intoadeauna sa vorbim despre marturia noastra personala.

TEMA : Citit cap. 1 si 2 ; Memorat versetele 5 si 19 din cap. 1

Ne vedem maine . Lectia biblica va fi: „si nu ne duce pe noi in ispita , ci ne izbaveste de cel rau…”