why… God?

From time to time, I question God,… I admit, I question many things, and some time is good to question,.. but from time to time, when things I do not understand happen I question God. Things that from my point of view are not right, there is no justice, how can God allow,..Why?

Did  you  ever experience this? I did

One day  I start to read the book of Jonah from the Bible. (again). The story with the fish is nice ,BUT , when I went  beyond that, I start questioning  God again. In a way Jonah was right,..

– Why will God need to send a warning  to those that He already  decide  to punish .  Just … send the fire,..

– How God can listen the prayers of those that do not know Him?  On the boat during the storm , every one pray to their god to spare them and show who  is guilty for the storm. The only one that serve the true God was sleeping .. but still God in His Providence   lead the lots to Jonah,..

– How God can  listen  the prayer of  those  that choose  not to obey  the will of God and lead their  life in misery , by choice and when they pray,… God listen ! ( Jonah pray from inside of the fish and guess what,…)

– Why is God concern for those that are NOT concern about Him?  There was over 120.000 people in Niniveh , pagans , idols worshipers,… God know the number of the people in the city, keep count of every one and concern of not to die ,… in sin.

and than I read  that Jonah  finally  is blessed with  a little gift  from God.  God give  him  a plant to have shade  during the day. Finally , Jonah  is happy, after all God  care , about him. But the joy was short,.. the plant dry. GOD MADE IT TO DRAY!

– Why   is  like that ?  Some time God is giving a blessing.  When  to start to get used with it, boom  God take it away. (loose the job, car broke , longlines , loosing a child , loosing  ,..  I stop hare)  why?

and than I read: and Jehovah said, You have had pity on the plant, for which you had not labored, nor made it grow, which was a son of a night, and perished the son of a night.  and should I not spare Nineveh, that great city, in which are more than a hundred and twenty thousand men who do not know between their right and their left hand, besides much cattle? In the Romanian  translation  it say ” should  not I have mercy

I got it,.. I did.

– When I question what God is doing , why He is allowing  this , that, my problem is not , that I do not understand what He is doing , my problem is: I do not understand Him !  He is merciful , full of grace, ready to help all those that do not deserve.


I  GOT IT.  🙂

Marian Paduret

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