Is He caring always ?




We know Jesus , as a caring and loving God! How ever  when there are few places in the New Testament when it looks that he is not caring enough about people and the problems they face.


At the wedding in Cana  , when there was no more wine ,.. he answer  “ what do I have to do with this,.. it is not yet my time..”. When the Canaanite women come , she was desperate ,.. He say “It is not right to take the bred from the children’s and give it to dogs “ Dogs,…


So I thought about this,.. and every time He looks as He did not care , In fact He is only challenges  the people to respond in a certain way  :


–          He is challenge us to obey , like the wedding in Cana


–          He is challenge  us to have faith like the Canaanite women


–          He is challenge us to persevere like the tow disciples on the road to Emmaus when Jesus apparently , did not want to stop and stay with them for diner .


So, hold on  , every time we go through a hard time and it looks  like God is not listening  or caring , just HOLD ON , we are having a great opportunity to have an experience with God.  I know we all like to have stories worth to tell,…. So just hold on and keep obeying  God , have faith and persevere.