Relativism, same sex marriage and condoms !

AutosabotajulWell , today people believe they are very smart. Looks like they are not.
I enjoy browsing news , as much as I have the time. Today , couple of things capture my attention.
I will be short!
First , a reach man from U.S is giving 10.000 $ for anyone that can prove in the court that the Bible is false !
Second, the issue of same sex marriage, is reaching the U.S. Supreme Court , which had to give a verdict. In particular I watch the General Attorney of California , and how she was so promoting the same sex marriage, very educated Lady , all the respect but still,… ( By the way one judge from the supreme court have a relative that is pro same sex marriage! ) What happen in U.S. eventually will influence Europe and the rest of the world. America often forget that !

Third , Bill Gates is offering up to 1.000.000 $ . for inventing a much “whatever” condom!
Now , all this is really sad! Why ?
Because every culture , society or Empire was build on Values and discipline . Every culture or society , or empire , was destroyed and collapse when the Values have been lost , when the discipline was forgotten , and all that the people was focus on, was , self pleasure ,….
Well , Christianity , our values are under a siege like never before. Are we ready to defend this values or we will blend in the society and have no clear voice!
Well , who will pay attention to the opinion of a Romanian? I do not know ,….. but still this is truth !

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