Follower of Jesus,..

Follower of Jesus! Sounds great but what really mean to be a follower of Jesus. 

Well , to understand best of what it mean to follow Jesus , I want to share with you  some radical  thoughts about what we need Not to Fallow , if we really want to fallow Jesus. 

  1. First, we are called NOT to Fallow Jesus words only, But to Fallow Jesus as a person. 

Well, do not judge before you try to understand. We are not called to a  set of rules , or to be part of a religion, WE ARE CALLED TO A RELATIONSHIP, a relationship WITH A PERSON, with Jesus. 

2.  Second, we are called NOT to fallow Jesus Followers. I know what the apostle Paul wrote : fallow me as I fallow Jesus , but you see the main point was to Follow Jesus, not Paul. 

Well , let’s just think for a while, imagine , we are not called to fallow the Pope , the Patriarch , or any other famous Pastor or  preacher. We are called to fallow JESUS. Simple. 

As followers of Jesus, we are challenged to serve, LOVE and forgive! The world needs this kind of people. We have enough religion, enough Christian masters and stars 🙂 but we have few disciples, true disciples. Are you one of them? 

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