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Share the JOY! Help a family in need!

Each of us got helped at some point in our life. We all know what this means.

Do the good deed now and be with us in the campaign: “Share Joy – Help a Family with Food for Holidays”

1st of December 2014 – 20th of December 2014 – collecting donations
20th of December 2014 to 23rd of December 2014 – sharing food

We aim to help a total of 40 poor families with a food package before the holidays.

The packages will contain: oil, wheat flour, corn flour, sugar, broth, butter, rice and sweets for children.

Cost: Each package will cost around 25€.

For this we require:

  • 10 people to donate 25€
  • 5 people to donate 50€
  • 5 people to donate a 100€

This is a video from last year Share the Joy campaign.

For information of how you can help , please see:


Charity: all the way

The words of Jesus are clear and relevant today as it always was. „If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you”

But still, every time I read this, something in me ask with a loud voice: Is this all it is? Is this the whole picture of Christian charity and good behavior?

If anyone demand let them have… If anyone force, just give in,… if anyone ask, do not turn away and give ,……

I believe that if we take only this in consideration, we can create a context for people to take advantage of us, use us, and with no matter how good we can do, there is never enough. That will create in us a unfulfilled sentiment that still we do not do enough. I am all for helping people, all the way, I am all for charity, all the way, but we need to ask our self: what is Charity? What is the best way to help and help for real?

I need to underline that all this subject was on my heart in special after I see the phenomen of the people from Romania that live the country with the purpose of going in west Europe for begging.

  • So, what will be a healthy approach, to help?

Short term

First, we need not to judge people for their past or present condition. We can change nothing by doing this. All people deserve love and kindness, no matter who they are!

Second, meet the immediate needs if they are. If a beggar need food or clothes, or a shelter,…. Is Christ like to help and meet this needs!

BUT if everything will stop here, we did not really help for a long term, we just create a bigger problem! So what next?

Long term

First – We need to be responsible for the children’s and the teenagers first. Because of poverty they are first to suffer! Not only that but because of poverty they become easy prey for human traffic, addictions, and because of the needs they face, they become candidates of continuing the same life pattern as their parents. So what can we do? We can reach them and help them to get a education and a skill, so that when they grow up they can be independent, to have a job and be a blessing wherever they go. It will be very important for Europeans to know that Immigration and Emigration can not be stop, BUT we can do something , so when this people reach those countries, they will not beg or still , but will work and have a job.

Second – The adults that are already without education, have no skill, and no hope, society need to understand that the real help will be to create community initiatives for the purpose of helping this people to find a place to work. If some of them show interest in learning a skill, to help them learn. To be responsible for them is to help them to gain a right self-esteem, help them to live with human dignity. This will be a real help. So, is ok to give money for a short term , but the real help will be to create a right opportunity for them to work, according with what they know and what they can do.

Let’s help. Let’s help in the right way. Let’s not rob people of their self- esteem and make them proud and help them live with dignity. Let’s help them to help others in the future and rise a new change generation !

Of course will be many that will refuse the opportunity to education and the opportunity to work. Keeping them dependent of us will not help them anyway.

Just a thought ,…




Punctul de START

Toti avem o poveste ! Intr-un fel sau altul povestile noastre difera. Toate insa isi gasesc implinirea si sensul atunci cand ne dam seama ca povestea Vietii noastre face parte intr-o poveste mult mai mare si mai ampla! Planul lui Dumnezeu.
Datorita acestui lucru, este absolut vital, ca fiecare dintre noi sa investim timp si sa cautam sa exploram sensul Vietii.
Incepand cu data de 03 Octombrie ora 18.00, vom prezenta cursul : Punctul de Start. Un curs pe o durata de 10 saptamani. O singura intalnire pe saptamana si apx o ora si jumatate pe intalnire.
Cursul este unul minunat! Recomand acest curs tuturor celor care vor sa afle mai multe despre sensul Vietii, Dumnezeu , viata dupa moarte , ….
Recomand acest curs nu doar pentru subiectele pe care le abordeaza ci si pentru felul in care le prezinta.
– Nu este prezentat din perspectiva unui cult religios a unei dogme de Biserica
– Este structurat in asa fel incat fiecare intalnire aloca foarte mare importanta interactivitatii in grup.
– Nu este prezentat sub forma de lectura.
– Poate participa oricine indiferent de convingerile religioase
– Si poate cel mai important e ca acest curs nu cauta sa impuna un anumit mod de a crede sau sa manipuleze convingerile participantilor.
Se merita din plin sa alocam apx 15 ore din viata noastra, pentru a descoperii :
– Cine suntem? De unde venim?
– De ce traim? Cum sa traim?
– Spre ce ne intreptam?
Daca esti in Bacau in aceasta perioada si vrei sa participii te rog sa accesezi urmatorul link sa te inscrii online !”>

Ne vedem Vineri , ora 18.00, Biserica Sf. Treime , str. Orizontului nr 16

The price of silence; the sin of duplicity!

download (1)It is so foolish to believe that if you put in the ground  a seed of thorn , you will have a beautiful  jasmine flower. This is deception and foolishness.

What happen in the last days , is like a could shower for many. Suddenly we realize that people , innocent people, can  die, and nobody will take responsibility for.

The Malaysian jet airline was shot down for no reason.  All kind of people , from different countries, including Romania die.

Why?  Who is to blame? Questions that cross my mind a lot of times.    Well I will share my personal opinion:

I believe the responsibility  for what happen go to Europe, at list most of it.

–          We have a E.U. that is divided by economical interest.  All this political leaders form E.U. come well and nice dressed in front of the microphones, announcing  sanctions for Russia, but behind the doors they make economical exchange with Russia , and  with long term partnership.   Duplicity and  no character.  How can I trust in the right discernment of E.U. and the right judgment when Germany buy on a preferential price gas from Russia to keep their economy grow. But on what expense?    Hungary just signed a few billons euro contract to receive gas from Russia in the fallowing years.  France is selling 2 high tech war ships to Russia to help them and equip Russian army.   Europe prove one more time a lack of character , a lack of values.  Berlin, Paris and London are the first to blame for what it happen.  They have to know, that we know.

–          NATO prove to be impotent.  They had to help Ukraine, right in the very moment when the  Russian army was on the Ukrainian border , but chose to ignore in the name of diplomacy  and , etc.  We chose to let Putin go on with his dream of fulfilling the dream of Peter the Great  tzar.

–          We let the Lukoil , Gazprom and many other Russian companies to come in Europe, make good business and a lot of money,

Next thing we know is that innocent people die.  Will everything stop here?   Will Europe have the courage to face the reality?  I do not know. I am not a political analyst and I may be wrong in many aspect  BUT , I can see !  I can see a Europe  with no values and no character.  A Europe that is pursuing selfish and small interests and that innocent people die.

Where is Winston Churchill ???

Crestin autentic?

profilul-unui-crestin-autenticSpecie rara in zilele noastre.  Sau poate asa a fost intodeauna.  Totusi el, crestinul autentic, exista. Prin frumusetea lui interioara, el inspira oamenilor credinta in Dumnezeu.

Cred ca cea mai puternica dovada a faptului ca Isus Hristos e viu si ca poti avea o relatie cu Dumnezeu prin credinta, este un credincios autentic.  Un credincios autentic, este dovada vie ca promisiunile lui Dumnezeu sunt adevarate.

Imi propun in cateva ideii pe care vreau sa le astern sa scot in evidenta asemanarile si deosebirile dintre un crestin autentic si unul fals. Sunt ganduri personale,…

Matei cap.7

21. Nu oricine-Mi zice: „Doamne, Doamne!” va intra in Imparatia cerurilor, ci cel ce face voia Tatalui Meu care este in ceruri.

22. Multi Imi vor zice in ziua aceea: „Doamne, Doamne! N-am prorocit noi in Numele Tau? N-am scos noi draci in Numele Tau? Si n-am facut noi multe minuni in Numele Tau?”

23. Atunci le voi spune curat: „Niciodata nu v-am cunoscut; departati-va de la Mine, voi toti care lucrati faradelege.”

24. De aceea, pe oricine aude aceste cuvinte ale Mele, si le face il voi asemana cu un om cu judecata care si-a zidit casa pe stanca.

Sunt trei lucruri de remarcat cu privire la persoana care este departata si nerecunoscuta de Dumnezeu. Crestinul fals.

1- El are o perceptie teologica corecta. In formula lui de adresare el foloseste cuvantul “Domane” , echivalentul in limba greaca pentru Dumnezeu.  Crestinul fals poate avea o doctrina corecta.

2- A fost implicat emotional. In formula de adresare el foloseste de doua ori cuvantul Doamne, Doamne.   Specific limbilor semitice , atunci cand voiai sa subliniezi o incarcatura emotionala, rosteai de doua ori cuvantul respectiv.  Crestinul fals poate trai o experienta emotionala. El poate plange la timpul de inchinare,…

3- A fost activ implicat in slujire. “Doamne nu am scos noi draci in Numele Tau, nu am facut noi minuni,…” Crestinul fals poate fi activ implicat in slujire! El poate fi misionar, pastor, evanghelist, lider de inchinare,etc. Implicarea in slujire nu este o garantie a autenticitatii. Nu poti fi autentic fara sa fii implicat in slujire, dar nu toti cei implicati in slujire sunt autenticii,….

Plecati de la Mine, niciodata nu v-am cunoscut ! Isus nu spune ca nu a stiut de ei , doar ca nu i-a cunoscut. Nu a avut o relatie cu ei.

Crestinul autentic, are o intelegere doctrinara corecta, e important acest lucru, traieste experiente emotionale cu Dumnezeu, e sanatos sa ai acest tip de experiente si este activ implicat in slujire DAR, pe langa aceste lucruri el mai face ceva :

1- Face voia lui Dumnezeu. Crestinul autentic renunta la dreptul lui de-a face lucrurile cum vrea el, de-a conduce viata asa cum crede el ca e mai bine. El cedeaza conducerea lui Dumnezeu si accepta sa asculte! Ascultarea face mai mult decat jertfele.

2- Are o intelegere corecta a Harului. El isi zideste casa pe Stanca.  Se increde numai in Isus Hristos pentru mantuirea si iertarea pacatelor.

Prin acest crestin autentic curge viata de la Dumnezeu prin Duhul Sfant. Prin el Duhul Sfant rodeste in mod supranatural acea roada din Galateni: Dragoste, Bucurie, Pace, etc…..


“Vrea cineva limonada?”



De multe ori, seara cand ajungeam acasa, Anabel m-a intampina cu : “Tata nu vrei o limonada?”  Uneori nu era limonada, era fresh de fructe,…   insa nu era gratis nimic ! Fiecare pahar costa ! Fetele noastre isi aranjau un soi de magazin in  bucatarie si ne serveau cu suc sau limonada, insa contracost! Trebuia sa platim,… de la un leu in sus,.. 5,… 10 ron.

Dupa primul pahar, si prima plata evident, in caz ca mai ramanea ceva limonada sau suc, intrebarea repetata  “la infinit” era: Mai vrea cineva,….?  Dupa mult stress ( picatura chinezeasca) , cumparam tot sucul sau limonada.  In felul acesta fetele mele isi strangeau pusculita cu bani, cu resurse  pentru o jucarie sau,…!

E usor de inteles ca la un moment  dat intrebarea devenea sacaitoare,…… ( foarte sacaitoare)

Din momentul in care am introdus formularul de comunicare la Biserica, in fiecare duminica am rugat pe cei prezeniti sa completeze formularul de comunicare si am explicat cat de important este pentru noi sa avem opiniile, nevoile de rugaciune , etc ale persoanelor care participa la slujba.

Cu doua saptamani in urma, Anabel   a luat formularul de comunicare si asa cum a stiut l-a completat.  Am fost surprins placut si chiar m-am distrat, pentu ca la intrebare: Cum ati aflat de Biserica Sf. Treime?  Anabel a raspuns sec: De la tata!  Surpriza mare a fost insa atunci cand plicul a fost deschis la caserie dupa slujba.  Anabel  nu a pus plicul gol, fara sa ne spuna nimic, s-a dus si a golit pusculita ei, resursele de pe limonada si sucurile fresh, si  le-a daruit. Nu vreau sa spun suma insa a fost considerabila.  Am ajuns acasa si am vrut sa vad daca ne spune ceva , daca se lauda,…. Nimic!  Seara  am intrebat-o si cu o normalitate sincera in privirii si glas, mi-a raspuns ca a vrut sa de-a pentru copii saraci, si sa nu ma supar ca de la mine a auzit ca trebuie sa completeze formularul de comunicare si ca trebuie sa fim generosi!

Am tacut, apoi am mers intr-un loc singur.  Am simtit un sentiment profund de implinire.  Ma bucur pentru fiecare persoana care intelege si aplica principiile si valorile crestine, DAR cand vine vorba de copilul meu , nu pot exprima.  Sunt asa de bucuros si este o onoare sa fiu tatal acestor copii minunati!

Intrebarea : Mai vrea cineva limonada?  Nu o sa mai fie niciodata sacaitoare!

Despre rugaciune

Se vede cine e mai aproape de „izvor”!