The price of silence; the sin of duplicity!

download (1)It is so foolish to believe that if you put in the ground  a seed of thorn , you will have a beautiful  jasmine flower. This is deception and foolishness.

What happen in the last days , is like a could shower for many. Suddenly we realize that people , innocent people, can  die, and nobody will take responsibility for.

The Malaysian jet airline was shot down for no reason.  All kind of people , from different countries, including Romania die.

Why?  Who is to blame? Questions that cross my mind a lot of times.    Well I will share my personal opinion:

I believe the responsibility  for what happen go to Europe, at list most of it.

–          We have a E.U. that is divided by economical interest.  All this political leaders form E.U. come well and nice dressed in front of the microphones, announcing  sanctions for Russia, but behind the doors they make economical exchange with Russia , and  with long term partnership.   Duplicity and  no character.  How can I trust in the right discernment of E.U. and the right judgment when Germany buy on a preferential price gas from Russia to keep their economy grow. But on what expense?    Hungary just signed a few billons euro contract to receive gas from Russia in the fallowing years.  France is selling 2 high tech war ships to Russia to help them and equip Russian army.   Europe prove one more time a lack of character , a lack of values.  Berlin, Paris and London are the first to blame for what it happen.  They have to know, that we know.

–          NATO prove to be impotent.  They had to help Ukraine, right in the very moment when the  Russian army was on the Ukrainian border , but chose to ignore in the name of diplomacy  and , etc.  We chose to let Putin go on with his dream of fulfilling the dream of Peter the Great  tzar.

–          We let the Lukoil , Gazprom and many other Russian companies to come in Europe, make good business and a lot of money,

Next thing we know is that innocent people die.  Will everything stop here?   Will Europe have the courage to face the reality?  I do not know. I am not a political analyst and I may be wrong in many aspect  BUT , I can see !  I can see a Europe  with no values and no character.  A Europe that is pursuing selfish and small interests and that innocent people die.

Where is Winston Churchill ???